Viqua 650694-R D4 Whole Home UV Water Disinfection System

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    Viqua 650694-R D4 Whole Home UV Water Disinfection System

    Equipped to inactivate chlorine-resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, harmful bacteria like E.Coli, and viruses not visible to the naked eye.
    The special lamp plug ensures that no one can power the UV lamp if its not in the UV chamber, and a new and improved sensor on the D4+ ensures safe UV levels are maintained.
    Our high output UV lamp is engineered to maximize UV output.
    Indicator lights (D4 model) show the status of system components and warning lights appear when system maintenance is required.
    Standard controller (D4 model) features a countdown to annual lamp replacement, a countdown reset button, and a warning alarm silencing button.

    Part Number: D4
    Ideal For: Bacteria
    Flow Rate: 12 gpm

    Product Details
    The D4 is easy to maintain and built to deliver outstanding UV performance for the average size home or light commercial application, for flow rates up to 12 gpm (45 lpm).

    Space Efficient: High UV output lamp technology allows for a smaller footprint, while providing the same UV performance as a longer chamber
    Ease of Maintenance: Audible lamp replacement reminder and countdown timer with digital display. Indicator lights show the status of system components. Warning lights appear when system maintenance is required.
    Reliable: The constant current feature ensures stable UV lamp output, regardless of power fluctuations
    Durable: Built with a 304 Stainless Steel to prolong life and eliminate degradation
    High-performance UV lamp, rigorously tested to provide consistent output over the entire lamp life (9000 hours)
    Application: Perfect for a wide range of whole-home, point-of-entry water treatment solutions in homes, cottages, or OEM applications
    Note: The D4 replaces the UV Max C4, C4-V and SV12Q-PA systems.

    Features & Specs
    Disinfection Flow Rates
    16mJ/cm2: 23 GPM (87 lpm) (5.2 m3/hr)
    30mJ/cm2: 12 GPM (45 lpm) (2.7 m3/hr)
    40mJ/cm2: 9 GPM (34 lpm) (2 m3/hr)

    Dimensions: 20 1/2 x 4 (52 cm x 10 cm)
    Shipping Weight lbs (kg): 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
    Connection Size: 3/4 MNPT
    Power Consumption: 50W

    Replacement Parts
    602810-102 Lamp/ Quartz Sleeve Combo Pack
    602805 Replacement UV Lamp
    602732 Replacement Quartz Sleeve
    650733R-002 Replacement Controller 40W

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