ACO 37272 Showerpoint Drain Wave Non-Locking

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    ACO 37272 Showerpoint Drain Wave Non-Locking

    The ACO ShowerPoint shower outlet body shall be chrome plated ABS plastic as manufactured by ACO, Inc. USA.
    A decorative stainless steel edge frame shall also be provided. The locking*/ non-locking* grate shall be manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel with Wave slot style.
    Shower outlet shall be 148 mm (5.83") square, with 51 mm (2.0") diameter outlet spigot (O.D.). Grate shall provide a minimum intake area of 56.1 cm2 (8.7 in2). Outlet shall provide minimum outlet flow rate of 1.09 L/s (17.4GPM) where installed to allow 5 mm (0.2") head of water OR 2.0 L/s (31.7GPM) where installed to allow 15 mm (0.6") head of water.
    Connection to plumbing shall be either with 51 mm (2.0") NPS threaded coupling (supplied with outlet) that shall be solvent welded to outlet spigot*/ 51 mm (2.0") no-hub adjustable coupling (available from ACO or others), or a solvent weld connection.
    ACO recommends checking local plumbing codes prior to installation.
    The system shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and recommendations.

    Grate Intake sq cm: 60.4 (9.4)
    Weight: 0.3 (0.7)
    Product Width: 148 mm
    Product Height: 148 mm

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