3M HWS050 Commercial Hot Water Softener

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    3M HWS050 Commercial Hot Water Softener

    Product Details
    Space saving design allows unit to fit directly under dishwasher table for convenient storage
    Reduces spotting on dishes, glasses and flatware, as well as scale build-up on spray nozzles
    12-day timer controlled regeneration allows system to clean and regenerate automatically without daily monitoring or interruption of service
    Rated for 16,000 grains per tank
    Includes 115 VAC to 24 VAC transformer for power supply to the system
    Safety brine valve helps ensure overflow prevention in the event of a power outage

    UPC 00016145056079
    Product Number HWS050
    3M ID 70020095470

    Our 3M Hot Water Softener for Commercial Warewashing Applications, Model HWS050 reduces spotting without using chemicals. Its space saving design allows the unit to fit conveniently under a dishwasher table. A high capacity, high temperature resistant resin provides the ability to remove calcium and magnesium minerals that cause white spots on dishware. This softened" water also reduces hard scale build-up on dish machine walls and nozzles, which can reduce performance and equipment life. Softened water also allows detergents to work more efficiently, reducing excess chemical consumption.

    Creative Filtration Technology
    3M Water Filtration Products systems and cartridges offer a wide range of solutions designed to address many types of water quality concerns. Third-party certifications, such as NSF and WQA, are an advantage provided on many 3M Water Filtration Products. 3M Purification is a known leader in filtration technology recognized for innovation, trust, and quality around the world.

    Recipe Quality Water
    Having cleaner and clearer water for your business is both a pleasure and a reassurance that youre giving your customers recipe quality water. With a water filtration system from 3M Purification, you can provide filtered water that may help protect your equipment and your profits. From commercial point-of-entry to dedicated point-of-use water filtration systems, look to 3M Purification to help you find the right solution.

    Filtered Water for Warewashing
    16000 Grains
    Filter Type
    Water Softener
    Flow Rate
    5.0 gpm
    Flow Rate (metric)
    18.9 Litre per minute
    Reduction Claims

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