3M B195H-CLS ScaleGard Blend Series Cartridges Hardness Chloramines Reduction

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    3M B195H-CLS ScaleGard Blend Series Cartridges Hardness Chloramines Reduction

    Product Details
    Easy-to-operate adjustable dial for precision blending when using 3M ScaleGard Blend Series of Heads
    Premium carbon block technology provides consistent Recipe Quality Water for coffee, espresso, vending, steamers and combination ovens
    High-capacity buffered ion exchange resin reduces calcium and magnesium ions that can cause hard scale build-up on equipment
    Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) encapsulated cartridge design allows for fast and easy cartridge change-outs
    Helps reduce corrosion potentially caused by Chloramines1
    Manufactured from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials*

    3M Product Number B195H-CLS
    3M ID UU001528403

    3M ScaleGard Blend Series of Cartridges for Hardness & Chloramines Reduction delivers custom water quality that you control. Simply blend in the desired level of minerals for Recipe Quality Water. Our cartridges reduce chlorine taste and odor - as well as chloramines that can react with metal, plastic and rubber materials; this reaction may potentially cause equipment damage.

    Reduce Water Hardness and Help Maintain Equipment Efficiency
    Our 3M ScaleGard Blend Series quadruple-action filtration cartridges (PDF, 267 Kb) provide protection against hard scale, corrosion, chlorine taste and odor; and chloramines. Reduce water hardness and help maintain equipment efficiency with our 3M ScaleGard Blend Series of Cartridges for Hardness & Chloramines Reduction. These high-capacity ion exchange systems will lessen bitter chlorine and chloramines tastes while helping to prevent scale build-up to help you provide great tasting beverages.

    In the competitive foodservice industry, product quality and consistency are critical to business success. Equipment downtime and unscheduled service calls threaten customer satisfaction and profit margins. It's very important to have competitive and functional scale reduction that helps protect equipment and leaves the right elements in the water. Scale reduction will allow you to make great tasting hot beverages.

    Coffee and Vending, Espresso, Steamer, Combi Oven, and Proofer Oven Water Filtration, Vending
    1748 Gallon
    Capacity (metric)
    6616 l
    4.46 Inch
    Diameter (Metric)
    113.3 mm
    20.72" x 4.46"
    Filter Type
    SQC Filtration System
    Flow Rate
    0.5 gpm
    Flow Rate (lpm)
    1.9 Litre per minute
    Flow Rate (metric)
    1.9 Litre per minute
    20.72 Inch
    Height (Metric)
    526.28 mm
    20.72 Inch
    Length (Metric)
    526.3 mm
    Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius)
    37.8 Degree Celsius
    Maximum Operating Temperature (Fahrenheit)
    Pressure Range
    25 - 125 psi
    Pressure Range (metric)
    172 - 862 kPa
    Reduction Claims
    Chloramine, Chlorine Taste and Odor, Hard Scale Reduction

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