3M AP811 Aqua Pure Whole House Large Sump Replacement Water Filter

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    3M AP811 Aqua Pure Whole House Large Sump Replacement Water Filter

    Product Details
    Reduces sediment for cleaner and clearer water
    Cartridge manufactured using 3M polypropylene process
    Grooved surface increases total surface area for longer cartridge life as compared to 3M non-grooved surface cartridges
    Rigid construction helps to reduce sediment unloading" due to variances in water pressure

    UPC 00016145165108
    Product Number 5618904
    3M ID 70020170547

    The 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Large Sump Replacement Water Filter Drop-in Cartridge AP811 is a standard 4.5" diameter drop-in cartridge that is manufacturer tested and verified to reduce sediment down to 25 micron nominal. Its rigid construction from our polypropylene manufacturing process, helps capture and retain sediment from within your water. With these features, AP811 is a great choice in water filtration. It's ideal for larger homes with at least 2.5 bathrooms.

    Features include:
    Flow rate: up to 20 gpm/75.7 lpm (housing dependent)
    6 months (varies depending on local water quality)
    4.5 in/11.4 cm by 9.75 in/24.76 cm
    25-125 psi/172-862 kPa pressure range
    40-100F/4.4-37.8C temperature ranges

    To maximize system performance and efficiency, regularly scheduled maintenance including replacement of the filter cartridges at the required interval, at the rated capacity, or sooner if a reduction in water flow occurs is required. Filter life is dependent on actual use and incoming water quality.

    Whole House Water Filtration
    4.6 Inch
    Diameter (Metric)
    End Modification
    Drop-in Style Cartridge
    Filter Type
    Drop-in Cartridge
    Flow Rate
    20 gpm
    Flow Rate (lpm)
    106 Litre per minute
    Flow Rate (metric)
    75.8 Litre per minute
    9.75 Inch
    Length (Metric)
    24.8 Centimeter
    Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius)
    38.7 Degree Celsius
    Maximum Operating Temperature (Fahrenheit)
    Net Weight
    1 Pound
    Net Weight (Metric)
    0.45 kg
    Pressure Range
    25 - 125 psi
    Pressure Range (metric)
    172 - 862 kPa
    Reduction Claims
    Replacement Interval
    6 Month
    Temperature Range (Celsius)
    4.4 - 37.8C
    Temperature Range (Fahrenheit)
    40 - 100F
    4.75 Inch
    Width (Metric)
    12.1 Centimeter

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