Purificare SQC-PC RO System

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Purificare SQC-PC RO System

Ultimate Convenience
Clean, refreshing, great-tasting water at your fingertips... not from the bottle.

High Performance
Maximized output produces a plentiful supply of water for all drinking water and cooking needs.

Total Treatment
Multiple advanced filtration technologies provide complete treatment of chlorine, taste, and odours, dissolved solids, cysts, sodium and heavy metals in your drinking water.

Compact Design for All Lifestyles
The compact size of the Purificare SQC-PC drinking water system is ideal for situations where space is critical.

Sanitary Quick Change filters require only minimal clearance for servicing, and do not require any special tools for access. Just twist, and remove.

With the quick-fit fittings, moving and servicing the system has never been easier. No special tools are required to access the NSF food grade tubing.

Reverse-Osmosis Perfected.
The Purificare SQC-PC represents the pinnacle of performance, ease of use and quality of reverse-osmosis systems.

With advanced filtration media and the patented SQC Sanitary Quick Change filters, the Purificare SQC-PC is the ultimate development in high performance reverse-osmosis drinking water systems.

Reduces dissolved inorganics as well as organics, bacteria and parasites. The 4 stage system includes a stainless steel faucet and patented sanitary quick change cartridges and 10 year entire system warranty. Patch free membranes guaranteed, tested and warrantied for 2 years.

Precision Made to the Toughest Standards

Quality and performance tested by an independent, nationally recognized laboratory for your complete confidence.

Only the best materials and engineering are used in this state-of-the-art reverse-osmosis system. FDA 21CFR food grade plastics are used throughout the system.

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