Oceania HY66R31 Hydria Bathtub Door Two Sides

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Oceania HY66R31 Hydria Bathtub Door Two Sides

Hydria Bathtub door
Available sizes

Bathtub doors
The Hydria bathtub door is all about transparency and simplicity. With its double bidirectional sliding panels, it allows faucet and bathtub access.

Magnets on each end for a perfect seal
Tempered glass with Oceania Clear View treatment
Acrylic door seals
Chrome finish
64" door height

Clear View™
Exclusive Oceania treatment
Repels water and soap
Keeps cleanups to a minimum
Greatly improves hygiene

A (min): 63.625
A (max): 64.375
B: 64
C: 32.25
D (min): 31.375
D (max): 32.625
E (min): 28.75
E (max): 29.25

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