Big Green Chlorine, Scale, Sediment Shower Filter

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Do you have itchy and dry skin, tangled hair after you shower?

Chlorine Reduction
Sediment Reduction
Scale Reduction
Back Washable
12 Months Filter Life

BigGreen shower filters help you achieve softer skin, more manageable hair, and the
benefits of less chlorine absorbed through your skin each shower. Did you know,
that one long hot shower is roughly equal in chlorine exposure to drinking 2-3
litres of chlorine water a day? Chlorine in our water can react with naturally
occurring organics to form trihalomethane (THM) byproducts that research has shown
to be cancer causing.

Innovative water treatment media technology in the BigGreen shower effectively
reduces chlorine, limescale, and sediment. A high capacity filter combined with a
unique tool-less backwashable design extends filter life and performance, without
requiring disassembly of the filter - an industry first!

The BigGreen shower filter is the best shower filter you will own.

The BigGreen shower filter takes out more and lasts longer than the competition.

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