The basic values of Zucchetti have always been: innovation, design, and quality. Alfredo Zucchetti started the company with a small foundry in Valduggia, in 1929. He experimented and expanded production before handing the business to his son, Mario, who managed operations for nearly fifty years and is credited, even today, by the third generation of Zucchetti leadership for his creativity and entrepreneurial vision.

Currently, the brand stands as a poetic synthesis of design, environmental and artistic-minded manufacturing.

“As a design-orientated company we have no interest in fashions or gimmicks” says today’s company president Carlo Zucchetti, “but in expressing a system of ethics and behavior in each project. Design is the unifying factor that holds together all the elements of our complex activity.”
Zucchetti. Kos was born in 2007, when the former acquired the latter, building on both of the integrity and reputations of both brands. The “Faraway” collection, launched in 2009, made waves in the international design community and has received numerous awards. The brand has continued to flourish, overturning common preconceptions about bathroom design, collaborating and sharing ideas, and consistently upgrading production technologies.

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