July 12, 1955. SIMAS was born in Civita Castellana, which even at that time had a high capacity for manual production processes handed down from father to son. Today as yesterday, it is a company made up of people who are committed to developing concrete projects in which everyone works according to their skills. A stock company with 68 shareholders, 109 employees and 150,000 pieces produced annually. Strictly made in Italy, aimed at building, together, trends that are always up-to-date and contemporary and that last over time, the result of consolidated know-how and expertise handed down in the name of work ethic.

SIMAS prides itself in its dedication to “handcrafted” tradition and, at the same time, to continual evolution, based on two prerogatives: all strictly made in Italy and all strictly manufactured internally from casting and painting to the cooking tunnels and barcode system, with a path that goes from the internal logistics until the distribution. SIMAS, an emblem of Italian craftsmanship, continues to focus on the original principles: shared opinions, team work, loyal agents, prompt pre-sales and post-sales assistance.

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