Our goal is to improve the health of our clients by improving the air they breathe. We must work to protect the environment we live in to achieve this goal. We maintain strict operating standards that respect the environment.

For example:

We recycle all recyclable industrial waste.
All of our literature and stationary are printed on recycled paper.
All of our packing carton and covers are made of recycled cardboard. We do not use any Styrofoam.
All of our machines run on energy efficient engines.
We use solvent-free powder paint.
Our filters are made from recycled carton and we encourage our customers to recycle after use.
We believe that it is our responsibility to conserve resources for future generations.

Epurair is a major Quebec manufacturer of air quality products. At Epurair, we work everyday to develop new and exciting products. Ingenuity and quality are at the heart of every product we create.

Our health care professionals work in cooperation with our engineering department to help bring the latest technological developments to air quality. This collaboration is what allows us to innovate continuously, all while improving the health of our clients.

We manufacture the following products:

Combined central air purifier, air exchange system
Central and portable air purification systems
99% effective air filtration systems for warm air heating
Epurair is a trademark of Industrie Orkan Inc.

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