1956 Hans Frei founds Plaston with his son Roland in Widnau, Switzerland. With great dedication, the family develops its business into a reliable producer of plastic parts for industry and everyday household needs.

1963 The first humidifier is launched and is a sales success. Since then, the humidifiers have been constantly advanced and new systems added to the product line.

1973 Roland Frei takes over management of the company from his father and, in the years following, leads Plaston to steady growth.

1991 In the consumer product division, Plaston concentrates on humidifiers. In the subsequent years, production facilities are built in the Czech Republic and China.

2000s Worldwide growth of the humidifier division, particularly in the Eastern European markets, in Russia and the United States of America.

2013 New corporate design under the name BONECO healthy air and strategic alignment on the subject of healthy air.

2015 Foundation of BONECO AG

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