Originating in Sweden, Blueair air purifiers quickly earned a reputation for top-notch performance, technological innovation, and quality design. Blueair's focus has always been to design and manufacture the best air purification system available. The Blueair air purifier offers health benefits plus award-winning design and functionality.

With more than a decade in the air purifier industry, Blueair has been recognized by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), as the Blueair 503 air purifier equals or surpasses 172 other products in performance and effectiveness.

Founded in 1996 by President Bengt Rittri, Blueair began with a commitment to provide products that would enhance respiratory health and help relieve the discomfort of allergy and asthma symptoms. With headquarters in Stockholm and Chicago and satellite offices around the world, Blueair is dedicated to creating a healthier indoor air quality.

"We are actively researching new clean air solutions for the homes, offices, and commercial locations where all of us live, work, and breathe," says Holly Isbister, Eastern U.S. Sales Manager for Blueair.

In 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified Blueair with the Energy Star award for all their air purifiers manufactured in the U.S. Blueair has demonstrated that they value everyone's right to clean air, and they have made their air purifiers available to countries around the world.

In addition to being environmentally conscious, Blueair has participated in television programs like the Extreme Makeover, donating various products to help people in need. Blueair also donated 25 Blueair 503 air purifiers to New York City Schools after the September 11 attacks to reduce contaminants such as soot, dirt, and ashes since children were experiencing breathing problems due to air pollutants. Students and teachers safely returned to school after Blueair installed air purifiers in classrooms, gyms, and cafeterias at schools throughout the city.

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