For more than 14 years, Amaircare has provided a full line of air filtration systems for residential, commercial, and automotive applications. Striving to offer the best filtration technology available, Amaircare offers customers the cleanest air possible. "Amaircare's goal is to manufacture the most efficient and complete line of portable and whole house air cleaning products," says Jim Woods, CEO of Amaircare. In 1992, Woods was contacted to identify technology that would solve serious radioactive contamination issues that were created by improper use, storage, and disposal in former East Germany. Woods used his thorough understanding of waste management solutions to examine the problem and review several applications. Woods determined that HEPA filtration technology would provide a positive and immediate solution to their needs. Woods and his team employed HEPA filter products built by a small Toronto-based company.

After solving the radioactive contamination issues in Germany, Woods recognized the potential for providing air purification needs to consumers everywhere. In 1992, Woods and a group of investors acquired the small Toronto manufacturing company and continued to provide air purification solutions to customers all over the world.

"Although the Indoor Air Quality industry was still in its infancy, I recognized the connection between poor air quality and the drastic increase in respiratory issues such as asthma, especially in children . . . Providing products that truly improved people's health and helped prevent healthy people from getting sick is what truly inspired me to succeed," said Woods.

Amaircare is based in the city of Mississauga near Toronto, Canada, and continues to produce and manufacture every part (except the motor) of every unit in this office. Because Amaircare manufactures and produces all products in their head office, Amaircare is able to test every part, including the HEPA filter. The Amaircare HEPA filter is tested with a 0.3 micron laser particle counter to ensure that it meets and exceeds the true HEPA standard of air filtration efficiency. The Amaircare HEPA filter is also tested for air flow delivery by measuring the air volumes while the filter is housed in the unit. Amaircare obtains accurate air flow measurements by keeping the filter in the unit during testing.

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