AquaMaster AMS700 Water Softener System

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AquaMaster AMS700 Water Softener System

High Efficiency and Capacity for the average family.

Compact unit fits tight spaces and minimizes water and salt usage.

Softens up to 70 grains hardness per gallon
Built-in 20-micron self-cleaning filter
Built-in KDF filtration
Reduces up to 10 ppm of ferrous (clear water iron)
Regenerates in just 20 minutes, only when required (on demand)
Uses as little as 14 gallons of water and only 2.5 lbs of salt to regenerate (to remove 10,400 grains of hardness).


AMS700 AMS900 AMS950
Maximum compensated hardness 70 grains/gal 90 grains/gal 35 grains/gal
Maximum hardness removed 22,100 grains 36,400 grains 22,100 grains
Maximum ferrous iron reduction 10 ppm 10 ppm 0
Minimum pH (standard units) 7 7 7

Factory settings
Salt used per regeneration 2.5 Ibs. 3 Ibs. 2.5 Ibs.
Length of regeneration cycle 20 min 25 min 20 min
Water used per regeneration 13.9 gal 14.8 gal 15.1 gal
Grains removed 10,400 grains 15,400 grains 10,400 grains

Self-cleaning sediment filter yes
KDF Process Media: Yes
Activated Carbon: No
Power Clean Cycle: Yes
Built-in bypass valve 3/4”or 1” MNPT
Valve size 1”
Peak flow rate at 15/psi drop 12gpm 10gpm 8gpm
Salt storage capacity 80 lbs.
Electrical requirements 12 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Maximum water temperature 120ºF
Water pressure (min-max psi) 20 – 120
Footprint (WxD) 14.75”x18.75”
Height 25.75”
Shipping Weight 85 lbs.

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